Housewarming Gifts for Mom

It is usually the mom who makes a house into a home, and a home into a haven. She wants her family to be able to relax at home, and for guests to feel welcome. One way to show your appreciation for all that she does is to look for gifts for Mom that she can use in her home.

Consider color when buying a gift for your momís home. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow evoke different emotions and feelings than cool colors such as blue, green, and purple. Some people have certain color schemes in different rooms, such as red, white, and blue; or pink and green. Try to also consider whether the woodwork in the room that youíre buying for is dark or light, and choose items to complement the natural tones.

There are many different decorating styles, so see if you can determine what your momís style might be. A contemporary room might have mirrors, white and black furniture, and sleek, hard lines. A cottage or country style room might have wicker baskets, soft furniture, and muted colors. If your mom prefers matching sets of various items, try to buy something in the same line of what she already has. If your momís tastes are more eclectic, you might find something appropriate at an antique store or even a church yard sale.

Often, moms might not replace items that are worn out, because they just havenít noticed or donít have the extra money to do so. Replacing things like worn towels, seat cushions on dining room chairs, or drawer pulls can be a great gift. Another good gift for a mom who takes pride in her home might be the offer of repainting a room for her, or stenciling a bookshelf. A fresh coat of paint can help brighten a whole room.

For a mom who keeps things looking, smelling, and feeling nice in her home, a gift for her house can help her make a welcoming haven. She will feel great about hosting visitors and extending hospitality to others when she feels good about her home. She will also be happy that you noticed her efforts to decorate her living space, and that you were thoughtful in your gift-giving.

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