Homemade Gifts for Mom

Moms love handmade gifts from their children of all ages. The time and thought that you put into a gift is what your mom will treasure for years to come. Taking into consideration her interests and personal preferences is key, and she will thank you for it. Here are some ideas to get you started in making the perfect gift for Mom.

Are you crafty? If so, a craft that you have perfected is the natural choice for a gift for your mother. If you sew, a quilt will keep her warm at night. If you knit, a pair of wool socks will keep her feet toasty through the winter, or mittens will make her think of you on the coldest days spent outdoors. An interest in candle making or scrap booking will also provide you with something to give your mom.

If you are not very crafty, there are plenty of other things that you can make for your mom. You can fill a mason jar with the dry ingredients for a cake or cookies, tie on a cookie cutter or muffin cups, and attach the directions for baking. You could also make a gift basket for your mom by filling an empty colander with dry pasta, the canned ingredients for tomato sauce, a pasta spoon, and a jar of grated parmesan cheese. Another kitchen gift basket idea would be a large bowl filled with seasonal vegetables and flowers from your garden.

You can try making your own soap, wrapping it in cellophane, and giving that to your mom. You could also make custom bubble bath by adding fragrance to baby shampoo and pouring it into a pretty bottle or jar. Nestled with a new soft towel and perhaps a romance novel, that is a gift that will smell great and make your mom feel special.

If you think about what your mom loves, you are sure to come up with something interesting and fun to give her as a gift to let her know that you care. She will be happy that you thought of her and were able to give her a personal present.

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