Gifts for Mom that Wonít Break the Bank

In this uncertain economy, there are many people who have a strict budget all year long. This includes during holiday seasons and on birthdays. Instead of worrying about breaking the bank, here are some ideas for gifts for Mom that wonít break the bank.

our mother would probably love more than anything the gift of your time. Afternoons spent together working on a hobby or completing a chore can leave wonderful memories for her and for you. If your mom has a hobby such as scrap booking or quilting, you could schedule one weekend day per month to go to her house and work on her creative endeavors with her. Another option would be to go and help her paint a room in her house, or to help her plant a vegetable garden. This is quality time spent doing something for her, and would be much appreciated, but does not cost a dime.

You could give her a handmade certificate promising to do a recurring or seasonal job for her, such as mowing the lawn or shoveling her driveway. This is truly a labor of love on your part. It also means that she wonít have to brave the elements to do these things herself, nor will she have to hire someone else to do them. If she does not need seasonal work done, you could offer to wash her windows seasonally, or to come over and handle the spring cleaning this year.

For a mom who does not care to cook, a monthly meal cooked and delivered by you might be a great gift for her. Another option would be to bring a dozen cookies or muffins instead of a whole meal each month. Again this does not cost much, but is a way to show that you care.

Mom was probably the one who taught you that itís the thought that counts, and itís true more than ever when you need to stick to a tight budget. Think about what your mom would truly appreciate, and chances are, thereís a way to provide that to her for very little money, or even for free.

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