Gifts for Mom that Kids Can Make

Moms of young children expend a lot of energy throughout the course of a day. They give out hugs, kisses, and love, as well as discipline and housekeeping duties. They are often thrilled when their children make something for them, and keep it as a memento of the days when their kids were little for years to come. Here are some ideas for gifts for mom that children can make.

Even toddlers can make cards for their moms. Very young children can scribble on a piece of construction paper, and an adult can write their name and date on the drawing. They can also dip their hands in paint and leave handprints on the paper as a tangible memory of how small their hands once were. Older children can use various materials such as glue, glitter, feathers, foam pieces, stickers, and ribbons to make ornate and fancy cards and drawings for mom.

Children can do chores for their mom in place of a gift. Young children can unload the dishwasher, make momís bed, or sweep the kitchen floor. Older children can vacuum, hand wash dishes, or do laundry. All kids can put their own clean laundry away and keep their own bedrooms neat. Children can also work with either a teenaged sibling or Dad and make a meal so Mom does not have to cook.

For a mom who loves flowers, kids can paint a terra cotta pot and plant sunflower or other seeds that will grow easily. They can also make flowers out of tissue paper and glue them to a wreath, or wrap green chenille stems around them and present them as a bouquet. For a real bouquet, children can pick wildflowers and tie a ribbon around them. Even a dandelion nosegay is irresistible to most mothers.

With some creativity and imagination, children can make wonderful gifts for their mothers. Handmade gifts and other gifts from the heart are among the most appreciated by moms everywhere, and can be enjoyed for years.

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