Gifts for Moms Who Just Had a Baby

A baby is a blessing to a new mom. Those first gummy smiles, the cooing, the sweet little hands and feet, and that new-baby smell make all of the labor pains worth every minute. A baby is also a lot of work and causes a lot of emotions in the new mom. If someone you know just had a baby, here are some gift ideas for the new mom.

The number one priority for the new mom, after the baby is fed and safe, is sleep. Women who have just had a baby are almost always sleep-deprived. One of the best gifts that you can give is simply a pair of arms to hold the baby while mama takes a nap. If she is nursing her baby, you will have to wait until the baby is fed and swaddled, but if sheís bottle-feeding, you might be able to feed the baby and give the mom even more time to nap.

Another excellent gift would be a hot meal for her and the household members. Itís very difficult for a new mother to get a nutritious meal on the table during the first couple of weeks with a newborn baby. If you donít want to cook a full meal, you could cook just an entrťe and pick up a salad at the local grocery store on the way over. Another option would be to order takeout from a restaurant and bring that over. Bring paper plates as well to reduce cleanup. If you can stay and hold the baby so that the new mom can enjoy eating with the rest of her family, all the better.

Cleaning is another item that falls on the new momís priority list. While you are at her house visiting her and the new baby, offer to unload the dishwasher or fold a load of laundry for her. Maybe you can even don a pair of gloves and clean the bathroom. A wonderful gift might be a gift certificate for a cleaning service to visit once or twice during those first couple of post-partum weeks.

A new mom will be grateful and thankful for any gift that you bring to her and her new baby. The gift of time to give her a rest might be the most appreciated, though. She will look back at the days when her child was brand new with fondness if she has a friend or relative that she can count on to help her through this new transition.

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