Gifts for Moms Who Homeschool

Many families are currently choosing to home school their children, and this means that there are many moms out there who are fulfilling the roles of both teacher and mother to their children. When birthdays and holidays come up, you may be looking for ideas for gifts for moms who home school.

Most moms who homeschool love to read, as this is the way they stay current on information that they want to impart to their children. A gift certificate to an online or brick-and-mortar bookstore might be the perfect gift. If you know that there is a certain author that they love or a title that they’re searching for, then you could also just buy them the book.

Providing some educational quality time to their children would give Mom some free time, something that homeschooling moms are generally short on. Offering to bake cookies monthly with the children or to teach a child to paint or sing or speak French might be much appreciated. Another way to free up Mom would be to offer to drive the children to one of their many activities that they might be involved with each week, to wait with them, and then to drive them home.

Family memberships to the local zoo, planetarium, museum, or other educational organization in your community is a gift that would be welcomed by many home schooling moms. This gives them something free to do with the children that is educational as well. It will also get them discounts on their gift shop purchases, and even on birthday parties, should one of their children choose to have their party there.

Finally, homeschooling moms love pampering as much as any other mom. A new candle, a lighthearted romance novel, or some bubble bath would be appreciated. An invitation to join you for a cup of coffee or a trip to the movie theater would also give her the break that she needs and desires.

A mom who teaches her children at home would be thrilled to receive a gift that frees up some of her time, and also shows her that you were thinking of what would really help her.

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