Gifts for Moms Who are Crafty

Moms have always crafted. From quilting bees in times past to scrapbooking and stamping parties now. Women love making items for their homes and families with their own hands. Here are gifts for moms who love to craft.

A wonderful gift for a crafty mom is a tool of her trade. A new scrapbook can inspire sorting through a box of vacation photos. New paints or an easel can ignite creativity in a painter. Several coordinating fabrics, cut into quarter-yard lengths, are a quilter’s dream. A gift certificate to any art or craft store can also be a good choice, as your mom can choose anything she wants or needs to complement what she already has.

A class is another idea for a mom who likes to try new crafts. Local community centers might host ceramics or other art classes. Churches sometimes offer stained glass classes as well, sometimes for a very low materials cost. Community colleges also offer such classes. These classes are also a great way for mom to meet some like-minded crafty friends.

Spending time with your mom working on her crafts is an invaluable gift. She might be overwhelmed by a large box of photos to sort, crop, and scrapbook, but someone to help and talk to makes the job easier and more enjoyable. She can also teach you how to sew or stencil and you might enjoy it and become her partner in crafting. Even better, the next time a gift-giving occasion comes around, you might be able to give her something that you made with your own hands. Anyone who loves creating art is usually happy to receive art as well.

Buying gifts for a mom who enjoys crafts can be a fun and educational experience for both of you. She will be happy that you put thought and love into choosing a gift for her that you knew she would enjoy.

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