Gardening Gifts for Mom

Does your mom love flowers? Does she find satisfaction in serving food that she grew in her own backyard? Gardening is a popular hobby among moms, and itís an interest that is easy to buy gifts for. Here are ideas for gifts for moms who love to garden.

While the growing season in your momís area may be short, she might plan her garden all year long. Gardening books can give her photos to look at and ideas to consider during the long winter months when digging, watering, and weeding is impossible. A garden journal can be another excellent gift for a gardener. Your mom can jot down her plans and draw sketches of her ideas throughout the year, and the journal will keep them all safely in one place.

When the crocuses and tulips begin to pop up after the winter, your mom will be eager to get her hands in the dirt again. A new pair of gardening gloves can be very useful. Garden shoes or boots will protect her feet from the chilly ground and also from stepping on anything sharp. A hat with a brim will keep the sun out of her eyes and off of her face. A short apron or jacket with pockets will help her to keep her tools within reach, and lessen the possibility that they will get lost or damaged from lying on the ground.

If you know what kind of plants she has had success with in the past or that she wants for this growing season, you can buy some for her. She might like to start seeds in the house in the early spring, or she might prefer to buy plants that have already been growing in a nursery to transplant directly into her garden. You can order plants or seeds online or you can buy them at many home improvement stores, in addition to visiting dedicated gardening shops or nurseries.

A gardener can only plant and harvest at certain times of the year, but she can dream about and plan her garden and its bounty all year long. Keep her hobby in mind as you shop for gifts for your gardening mom.

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