Environmentally Friendly Gifts for Mom

Everyone is looking for ways to help the environment and participate in green living initiatives, from building homes to shopping for gifts for Mom. If you or your mother has made a commitment to green living, finding presents for holidays that are environmentally friendly might be priority for you. If so, trying to come up with wonderful gifts for her could suddenly be a challenge. Try one of these suggestions for gifts for mom that will also be a gift to the planet.

Purchasing club memberships or making charitable donations are great gifts for Momís birthday or another special occasion. There is very little tangible waste with a membership gift card or a donation for her favorite charity or cause.

If you are thinking about clothing as a present for your mother, look for fair trade items, which are guaranteed to be made in factories that offer a fair wage and good working conditions. Choose organic fabrics, like 100 percent cotton or hemp, and remember that selections that are made closer to home require less energy to ship.

Chocolate and other snacks always make great gifts, and finding organic chocolate will give her double satisfaction. Not only will she be able to calm her cravings, but she will also know that she is helping the planet by eating organic foods, grown and processed naturally.

If you are thinking about a decorative gift for Mom, consider purchasing recycled glassware. These artisan products are available in virtually any form Ėthe same as new glass: vases, tableware, and charming knick-knacks. You will be giving a beautiful gift while reducing the waste in landfills.

When an expensive gift is in order, consider upgrading or remodeling a feature of her home to a more energy efficient alternative. While this may not seem like the most fun or exciting gift, the savings in energy costs and a reduction in her carbon footprint is a gift that keeps on giving.

One thing to remember when buying green gifts for her is to always be sure to use recycled materials when wrapping or preparing the gift for presentation. Purchase a card made from recycled materials and use paper or a gift bag that has been recycled as well. Environmentally friendly gifts will be a perfect present for her, as well as a lovely gift to the entire world.

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