Christmas Gifts For Mom

As the days grow shorter and the air gets colder, itís time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. The difficulty of buying for your sister-in-law or your cousinís new husband pales in comparison to the task of finding the perfect gifts for Mom. Taking the time to consider her interests can help to ensure that sheíll be thrilled on Christmas morning.

If your mom is an avid reader, the obvious choice might seem to be books. Unless you know that she is looking for books by a certain author or a specific title though, you may run the risk of choosing something that she wonít end up reading. Some people keep a wish list of titles that they are interested in reading at websites such as Amazon, so it is worth looking into. Asking outright if there is a certain book that she would like can also be an option--many times readers are waiting for an authorís brand new book to be released, and that would make a great gift. A gift certificate to a bookstore would also be appreciated, as browsing through stacks of books can be nearly as fun as reading them.

Body sprays and perfume are good choices for many moms. Remember that what is appropriate for your mom might not be the newest or most popular perfume. Keep her personality and preferences in mind. If your mom usually wears light floral scents, another floral perfume or body spray might be more appreciated than a spicy scent. Scented hand and body lotions that are in the same scent category as her regular perfume are also good ideas.

The key to successful Christmas shopping for Mom is to keep it personal. Buying a generic gift for extended family members is acceptable and even expected, but not for your mom. Think about what she likes, what she uses, and, just as importantly, what she does not like when choosing a gift for her this holiday season.

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