Baby Shower Gifts for Mom-to-be

An invitation to a baby shower means that you get to take part in the time-honored tradition of gathering together to encourage, advise, and bring gifts for a mom-to-be. This is an exciting and important time to the young mother, as the shower will help her prepare to welcome her new baby.

Many moms-to-be register at local stores that cater to pregnant women and babies. Buying something off of the registry is easy and convenient, and the store keeps track of what has already been purchased, lessening the chance that a gift will be a duplicate. Typical gifts on a baby registry might include bottles, breast pumps, blankets, crib bumpers, and other small items. Sometimes large items are included as well, in case guests want to chip in together and buy something more expensive, such as a car seat or even a crib.

While many young mothers buy and ask for lots of infant clothing, they don’t always remember how quickly babies grow. Buying outfits in larger baby sizes will be appreciated once the infant starts outgrowing his or her infant sized clothing. Keep the season in mind, and also the fact that babies grow at different rates when they‘re very young. Not all six-month-olds will wear 6-9 month sized clothes, for example, but many babies will be wearing 12-24 month clothing around their first birthday.

Books are also an excellent idea for pregnant women. They will have a lot of time to read and pass the time at the end of their pregnancy, and also while they’re in the hospital. Books on breastfeeding and general infant health can be appreciated, as can lighter books, such as humor for new moms. Books with crossword or Sudoku puzzles in them might be a good choice, especially if the mom-to-be is expected to be on bed rest for part of her pregnancy.

Finally casseroles to be frozen and used during the first hectic days or weeks with a newborn are a very much appreciated gift. Gift certificates to a restaurant that provides takeout are another good idea. It’s very difficult to cook healthy meals in the days of adjusting to a new baby, and the less cooking the new mom has to do, the better.

Enjoy the time of bonding with the new mom-to-be at her baby shower. By bringing her a thoughtful gift, you will help her to get her mothering journey off to a great start.

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